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Where was I???
Santa Cruz... that's right..
Taking my time, charging my phone and laptop - just taking in the view....
I can charge for about 45 minutes from my bike's battery before the inverter turns itself off, leaving me enough juice to still get started. I usually only drain my bikes battery when camping near others... just in case.

for you gear heads, this is how my D90 and SPOT roll...

I was contacted by inmate bajuses while packing ( who I had heard of his extensive travels from his brother I met in Sac.) and went to go meet up with him at Alice's, a motorcycle hang out, about 55 back north.
We met up, had lunch ( Thanks!) and had a great time exchanging stories and thoughts... spent the whole afternoon hanging out, then we went for a short ride heading back south.

traffic going back through Santa Cruz.... got to love lane splitting in Cali. most drivers are actually courteous.

Even though I really got such a late start, I wanted to ride a couple hundred miles south today....

stopped for some homemade tamales to save for later

The sunset ride along the coast was magnificent, enjoying HWY 1 and the view I didn't take any photo's... but here's what the PCH looks like at night.

I had a few more hours to go after dark, and really enjoyed the ride. The moon was bright so you could see the ocean and the outlines of the mountains still, plus there was very little traffic - which you could see the headlights miles away winding along the coast.

I stopped and ate the Tamales, overlooking the coast, listening to the waves crash... It was very cool sitting there in the moonlight. very peaceful.

Getting into a campground around 8:30, just south on Limkiln SP, I was tired... It was a perfect 60F with a nice moon, my site overlooked the ocean and was fairly secluded. sweet.
I sprung for some $4 wood, since I had *forgotten* to register....
After working on my bike for a few, replacing the Gerbings controller that Marin had so nicely swapped out for me I went to start the fire.
The wood was so wet I couldn't keep it going... since it was so warm I didn't sweat it much, but after a little scotch I thought, "WAIT I can get this going, I have GASOLINE!"
Needless to say after a huge fireball that lit up the whole campground I did get it going.
no pics.
Anyways, since I was wanting to get out fast and early, and it was so nice out I decided to just sleep on the large table in my bag... falling asleep was great, moon, stars, ocean...
then I woke up to rain drops and wind.
of course the one night I want to just sleep under the stars a storm comes in...
so there I was setting up my tent in the rain, laughing at myself for not even looking at the weather in days.
Mr. prepared

I got the tent up quick and my bag was dry enough.
It rained like hell most of the night, I was nice and dry and slept well.

In the morning I was reminded by a friendly Ranger that I *forgot* to register and paid.
Lucky for me there was a break in the weather, I seemed to be surrounded by ominous clouds, but no rain here - for now.

The early morning ride was nice, with overcast skies. No more perfect-ville, and fine by me.

Taking some advice I stopped to watch the Elephant Seals, so cute, so weird sounding, yet so aggressive and big... very interesting to see from a few feet away.
Here you go Doug...

Stopped for lunch here... hmmm

continuing south on HWY 1

About 200 miles from L.A. it started to rain, with the wind gusts pushing me around - the GS is not as stable in wind as the R.

It went from just raining, to pouring about 100 miles out.
Did I mention traffic? Lots of heavy traffic, I found myself sitting in traffic until another bike went by splitting lanes in the rain, then I would remember it's LEGAL!

I rode it torrential downpours in heavy traffic for hours, mostly staying dry - my Rev'It gloves soaked through after 2 hours...

I saw many accidents because SoCal drivers can't drive it the rain... you'd have thought it was an ice storm...
I arrived in Hermosa, back at my buddies house - with a different bike!
My Gerbings jacket arms stopped heating, after calling Gerbings and explaining my situation, they sent my out a loaner overnight, so I'm going to hang out here on Friday, then set out Saturday.
Not sure where I'm going, was planning to ride Baja, but there's many people trying to talk me out of it, and I don't even have plates or registration for my bike so it might not happen...
we'll see.

Until next time!

Hermosa Beach

Photography for me is not about recreating what I saw through
the viewfinder but to show people the way I want to see the world.

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