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Originally Posted by NordieBoy
Yep. Thought it was Aussie type distances.

Do you remember what gear you were in when it went? went whilst shifting up from 2nd to 3rd.
Could yours have been a 2005 old stock sold as a 2006?
Might be, I'll check the compliance plate when I get a chance.

Bikes has racked up most miles just commuting to work and back, always use the clutch, do twist the throttle hard though . Had just switched over to a TM40 and FMF muffler, maybe had 1000k use, but 100 percent stock before that. Never had a bike self destruct as badly as this one . Had a XR600 that spat teeth from 4th gear, but least the gear remained intact and didn't vandalise every part of the engine.
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