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hey joe,
thanks again for backtracking it up to Alice’s... it was great to share recipes, lawn maintenance tips and mortgage woes! oh wait. that wasn’t us.

(and probably won’t be for years to come...)

talking with you and just seeing how you’re going about your trip has elevated my game a bit... and makes me want to hit the road for a trip of my own... um, when it warms up a bit.

it’d be a shame to see you miss out on baja and copper canyon, but i understand the safety concerns as a solo traveller in another country who doesn't speak the language and is riding a plateless vehicle with a giant “mule” sack strapped to the back...not to mention an arsenal of technology that would make inspector gadget weep. could make you easy prey for the law and the lawless. but i wouldn't let that stop ME ;)

good to see that i didn't dent your day too badly. looking forward to your continued posts (and here’s some light reading should have a bit of café downtime)

a few of the photos i took to share with those who are following your trek...

there’s just no way you could ever become a couch potato with a tattoo like this. you’re now committed to living a life less ordinary. brilliant.

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