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Originally Posted by bajesus
hey joe,
thanks again for backtracking it up to Alice’s... it was great to share recipes, lawn maintenance tips and mortgage woes! oh wait. that wasn’t us.

(and probably won’t be for years to come...)

talking with you and just seeing how you’re going about your trip has elevated my game a bit... and makes me want to hit the road for a trip of my own... um, when it warms up a bit.

it’d be a shame to see you miss out on baja and copper canyon, but i understand the safety concerns as a solo traveller in another country who doesn't speak the language and is riding a plateless vehicle with a giant “mule” sack strapped to the back...not to mention an arsenal of technology that would make inspector gadget weep. could make you easy prey for the law and the lawless. but i wouldn't let that stop ME ;)

good to see that i didn't dent your day too badly. looking forward to your continued posts (and here’s some light reading should have a bit of café downtime)

a few of the photos i took to share with those who are following your trek...

there’s just no way you could ever become a couch potato with a tattoo like this. you’re now committed to living a life less ordinary. brilliant.

Funny how like minded we are, it was very inspiring to hear your stories and get to know you for a short while. I find it hard to believe my little ride in the U.S. could make you up your "game"...
I need to travel out of the U.S. - when not working - more. I need to do some backpacking so I'm forced to take it slow (walking speed) to really SEE things... After I move back out west we shall do some kind of travels... though as we both enjoy our solitude we can keep it short...

As for Mexico... many friends are really pushing me hard not to go, at least solo.
"what are you going to do at a military checkpoint when the 16 year old with the M-16 is asking you questions about where your going and you can't respond?" "after they search you and find your laptop and camera, it will be gone".
Even with this tattoo with this bold of statement I've committed to, I am concerned.
I think the best solution is for you to pack up your bike, meet me in L.A. and show me the way south! I can wait a little while if you're busy..... Though there's still the no plates or paperwork, on a financed bike....

A friends band is playing in Vegas tomorrow, might head there while I figure out where I'm going...

I have a Lumix LX-3 I keep in my tank box for easy access while riding. I used to be able to have my D90 around my neck on my R while riding, but on the GS it doesn't work without banging the lens against the taller bike.
Honestly the Lumix photo's are close enough to the D90's, as long as you don't crop. My photo's are about half and half, can you tell which camera took what? Obviously the low light stuff is with the D90, but without pixel-peeping daytime shots are harder to tell. All the 16x9 ratio photo's are from the P&S.

I'm in hermosa for today at least... PM or email me.

For those folks asking about my opinions about the GS... I did touch on the subject briefly a few posts ago, but give me some more time in the saddle and I'll do a comparison in a different thread once the trip is over.
Just remember I have zero DS experience except for this GS so I can't compare it to anything else but a Roadster... Two bike for two jobs, though it took me a while to figure that out, so I'd take my opinions lightly...

I foresee no problem with riding the miles ahead on this bike...

BTW, for you GPX geeks, I have my 1168 SPOT tracks from this journey so far on the welcome page of my site. No hosting available here...

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