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Originally Posted by briangv99
Might be, I'll check the compliance plate when I get a chance.

Bikes has racked up most miles just commuting to work and back, always use the clutch, do twist the throttle hard though . Had just switched over to a TM40 and FMF muffler, maybe had 1000k use, but 100 percent stock before that. Never had a bike self destruct as badly as this one . Had a XR600 that spat teeth from 4th gear, but least the gear remained intact and didn't vandalise every part of the engine.
Didn't the OP also put in a TM40 before this happened? more torque / power than the drivetrain can handle?
I know i'm grasping at straws but you gotta think If nothing's changed on these bikes since 97 and this is a more recent occurance then something new has been thrown into the mix.
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