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Originally Posted by Bayner
You should be able to remove the rear wheel without having to reset chain tension every time, no? Pull the adjuster block off one side and knock the axle out the far side enough to slide the axle forward. Other bikes I have there's enough slack by the time the axle hits the adjuster screw that you can slip the chain off. (It took me a few times to figure that out mind you...)
I had the same thought while I was doing it but had already loosened things up per the Owners Manual. At a minimum, you should note the markings in a notebook or with a pencil on the guide so you know where it was before removal (I had that thought at about same time - AFTER loosening).

Originally Posted by MonsterJ kkug had a great idea here:

I'm gonna whittle me one up soon.
Thanks for the link - looks perfect.
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