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That is pure genius. Some manufacturer is going to copy that design for sure. You should start making and selling those things pronto. Get a local shop to start cutting those out for you by the dozen.

Originally Posted by border
I removed the beak with the four screws. I used the beak to trace on a piece of cardboard the shape of the bracket. Then I changed the shape to provide arms to mount the lights. I then traced the shape to the cooking pan. Drilled 1/2" holes at all the corners. Used a saber saw with a metal blade to cut the shape. Filled the bracket to get rid of the saw marks and sanded the edge. It took longer to get the pan than to cut and shape. I did make the cardboard pattern first and take it to the store to find a pan large enought.

Here is a picture of what was left of the cooking pan after I cut the bracket out.
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