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tire changing

Originally Posted by foobar
- Tire Removal/Installation - HARD. REALLY HARD (this was full tire removal; opening up one side for tube removal/repair would be easier).

I've read all the various tire removal threads, etc, and paid attention to the debates over brute strength vs technique. Clearly technique is important but I found that in at least one instance (getting the second edge of tire off of rim) I had to resort to force heavily seasoned with a LOT of swearing.
An important step in the processes that most tire changing instruction get backwards.
1. Start the tire removal process at the valve stem (or the rim lock if it has one)
2. Finish the tire installation process at the valve stem.
The reason for doing it this way is so the bead can drop into the center well of the rim and have maximum slack. If the valve stem is in the way...
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