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Ride Report for today(SUNDAY)

first time out in that area and first Bradshaw BombRun.

left my house in L.A. at 5:30 to meet Ben at his Pomona mansion by 6- 6:30.
make it out to the ranch at 9 something after almost getting lost.
Riceless was wandering around looking for the meet up.

we gather a group of hardcore riders and are about to leave, but seems that Riceless's mighty 950 doesn't want to cooperate.
....dead battery. he left the lights on while bullshitting.

then we're off.
this ride report is gonna kinda suck , cuz i had NO idea where we were and only noticed a few trail names.

so i think we were in Red Rock something....

after riding fast on some single(ish) track, and through sand...
time for gas

poor kid lost their lolipop

looking for more trails...

playing around on these round rocks that are a mix between Utah and Cougar Buttes(Johnson Valley)...

this arch is AMAZING

turn yr computer on its side

back it up

some fun technical stuff is up ahead

jeeps high centering marks

wet sand was like quicksand

i didn't "technically" drop it, the bike never touched the ground

last spot we were all together. Riceless went exploring with 2 guys, the other 4 of us stayed back and bullshitted a bit, then went back to the ranch

the sun was setting and the clouds were getting darker/greyer so we headed back. this went faster than i expected.

i have to say thanks to all the guys that rode today!

and a big thanks to all whom hosted.
thanks to imgonnasnap for leading the ride today.
i am new to this group, so i apologize that i have forgot and/or don't know everyone's screen names.

grapes and oranges were the best!
perfect way to finish the day !

"when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"
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