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Originally Posted by DAKEZ
I ride ATGATT. I would have my Kids (Had my step-kids) ride ATGATT.

BUT, I do not agree with your statement. 18 or under (even 12 year olds)should be at the discretion of his or her parents and NOT the Government.

You are of course welcome to your opinion but I in NO way agree with it.

That whole it takes a village crap mentality sucks ass. They are not the towns kids, or the county's or the States or the Country's.

They belong to the parents. If the parents do not want them to wear gear that should be their choice no matter how stupid it may be
That is pure bull shit! It seems even in the most primitive societies that others in the tribe or social group deal with situations that are just plain wrong.

You aren't in the wilderness among wolves, and even there some animals are probably instinctively organized enough to do the right thing with the young of their breed to do the right thing.

If you feel that way why bother with child molester laws - it's up to the parents to make sure it doesn't happen. But what if the parent is the molester. Both that and unsafe acts on public roadways are child endangerment and if the idiot "parents" aren't bright enough to deal with it, let the law deal with them. I don't want to see their kid splattered where I can see them and sure as hell don't want their kid's death due to lack of a helmet be the straw that breaks the legislative camel's back.

That has already been set in process with ATVs. Too many idiot parents and kids who just don't think. They're screwing the rest of the responsible ATV community. Kneejerk legislation is on the way.

Not every parent is as responsible as you. I am sorry to say it, but screw your attitude and opinion. Protect kids if parents won't. We don't live in a vacuum or even in the general wilderness, it won't fly to let everyone do as they damn well please.

Besides, the idiots would sue everyone in sight. Years ago some attorney sued Bell helmets without even knowing if the helmet the rider had was a Bell, and I'm not even sure if the guy was actually wearing it when he crashed. One actual experienced racer, who was injured in an on track crash, sued a track and the AMA, having the gall to say he didn't know racing was dangerous! Yeah that's how it goes!
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