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other care package items

Before this thread turns into a tire changing lesson. Some other care package items it have carried over the years in whatever bike I was riding at the time:

1. Assortment of zip ties.
2. Spare fuses.
3. Assorment of nuts and bolts (bike specific).
4. Small Rag (usually wrapped around the tools). Nice not to put greasy hands into your riding gloves.
5. Electrical tape, and duct tape on long trips.
These may be more general kit items and not so F8 specific, but sometimes the obvious gets overlooked.

I heard about the key ring issue and thought that it could be changed on the road?? maybe not so easy as first thought.

Also, the sacrificial plastic radiator holder/mount. It is relatively cheap$ and it designed to break away in a crash to help save the rad from damage. But, once it is broken, it may be hard to rig up some way to support the rad. Sooo, the actual replacement part will be part of my kit.
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