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now in a cage...
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578 miles, 3 days, one fat loop around the salton sea , more cargo drama (im so lucky i didnt go down doing 60 ), rain, wind, more rain and wind , going threw the customs inspection with no plate and didnt get stop, oh yes, i did the bradshaw.

day 1: work closing shift at work (6:30-2:45), check. leave murrieta at 3:45 going by the 215 to 60 to 10 to 111 in the rain and making it to the ride by 7ish, check. this is how you know your home.

everyone running around trying to leave.

it was a quick run threw some thick sand to the road. sence i was in the very back, the rutted deap wet sand was a bitch to riding in and almost though i lost the group. after a few miles of hauling ass dirt road i see some one on the side of the road flaging me to slow down, huge mud hole and a wr450 bouncing off the rev limiter. problem, stuck throttle, stuck wide the fuck open and the bike didnt want to turn off. when i was pulling up he was picking the bike up after droping in hopes the bike would die. after he gets the bike up, some one took the wrong line and almost took him out.

after we decide to leave the dad behind and let the son take the ktm (damn, i wish my dad had a ktm i could barrow). we are soon again getting flaged to slow down. this time (cant remeber, think it was joel?) had decided to trying tree climbing with a motor cycle. i can up and their working on the bike, hes hurt, and it looks like a truck went half way up the tree. once that situation was handled it was off to the bradshaw river.

you would think the whole time, this is going to end just around that corner, and it kept going, probally for a good mile or more. this stream droped you into the river. by this time im soaked and knowing theres a gas station on the other side, i decided to cross the river. after flying down a pole line road feeling like malcom smith, it was time for gas and grub.

ducks in a line?

on the ride back, the river had all but left, and the mile long stream on the trail now only went couple hundred feet. little photo op for a rock throwing 2 stroke.

i need to move out here.

the camp and bike, notice it still has the plate.

some after i had everything readly and got set by the fire (still soaked) the dinner bell was going off. the host were great all weekend, the food was great, people where all so nice. later, a jeep trip was hatched and i decided to tag a long, and it sure was fun to watch. dude made it worth while.

afterwards, i kicked it by the fire again for a while but soon decided it was time to hit the hay. the next day i looked around for a good half day ride, trying to make it to ocotillo by dark. i soon herd the words dunes and oasis so i was in. we also fooled around in a whole lot of mud.

soon we found a dune to play around on, no pics cus i was having to much fun hauling ass around it and found a little jump too. from there we went to some fun little mud hills. dude got some air off some of these.

from the top of the ridge lookinh over the salton.

over on the other side of this was the caves. this was the only picture that really came out cus the camra had condensation in it.

then is was off to the oasis, with a little stop for more fun in the mud (1st gear, wtfo, bouncing off the 11500 rev limiter anyone?).

marching like ants.

once we got back, i decided it was time to get to ocotillo, in the hopes of a ride before it got dark.

soon we would find that would not be the case. a strap that was holding the duffel back some how worked its way into my chain and wraped around the wheel. some time while it was bussy doing that it gave a uppercut to the plate and right blink. hey mom, no plate!

i ditched the duffel, straped the sleeping bag to the back pack and headed off. once i though the day was almost over and i could camp at ocotillo wells, i forgot this is close to mexico and there is a customs check, and i have no plate. 5 cops out side, did nothing. i now race over to the desert iron woods for sodas and camp over across from blow sand.

the morning.

this morning conditions where great. few sprinkles here and there, little wind, great temps. decided to ride to salton city for gas via shell reef expressway to cross over trail. stop to ride some spots on the way.
devils slide

its hard not to see why so many videos are filmed here, hell i did a double just crusing threw the place.

i was blasting washes for a good little while

oncei found a gas station, to my suprise it said pump 13 & 14 have vp 110. i had to get a picture. 7.47 a gallon. didnt run it in fear it might plug up the cat. coverter my bike is plauged with.

then is was off to s22 and hit pole line road to tule wash which leads to the pumpkin patch.

that was kinda boring so i went down pumpkin patch trail, which was a ton of fun. and then blasted washes back to where i had camped to grab my gear and take off. before i would throw the gear on i thought i might try blow sand again. my bike always bogs down and digs in and i had never made it up in about 5 trys. i squeased out the last drop of luck and ran at it 3 gear pinned. bike starts bogging half way up, shit, 2nd and the bike digs in a little and keeps chuging. bike starts to bog again tord the top, damn it, its and the bike diggs in more, but i have reached the point it rounds off so the bike keeps going instead of digging a hole. im finally up it

i pack my shit and leave, thinking it was a great end to a crazy weekend, but it wasnt all over. as soon as i jumped off the 78, the rain came out and the temps dropped. going threw some of the higher passes i could have swarn i seen snow in the air, it just wasnt sticking. by the time i made the 90 mile trip home, i was frozen. that sucked almost worse than coming back from noob valley. but it was so worth it.
the bike, the ride reports, and what ive riden this week:ymca, da cage?
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