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Originally Posted by Ridgway
Good meeting you Scott. You missed a good ride time.

Where do ride reports get posted?

BTW, out of all the years that was my favorite Bomb Run Ride.
Originally Posted by eatpasta
yea, it was nice to meet you Chris and ride with you on sunday. That sunday loop was a kick in the pants!! you gotta take me on that one again with all the stops pulled....

Ive almost got all my pictures and video sorted.

We need to start a proper ride report though.......

....and I HAVE to post this video first as a teaser.

here ya go Chris.... in all yer glory.


and you cant really tell on this but there IS A TURN AT THE END OF THE TRESTLE.

Originally Posted by HappyGoLucky
lots of guys make excuses - it must be the tyres, it must be the weight, it must be the power, it must be the water pump.
ride the $*#(@) thing, and you'll quickly learn that the stain marks in your brooks were firstly from fear and then from ecstacy.
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