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Thanks guys... I have a few more posts left to finish up the trip and I want to post reviews of my various bits of kit. Real Soon Now! Really!

Quick update:

I flew back to San Antonio and picked up my bike in San Antonio last Tuesday and spent the week getting it back to the Bay Area. It runs like a champ again. However, I'm fixing it up to sell because...

...a month ago I bought a 2007 990 Adv! I got a deal on Scuderia's demo model. Loving loving loving it so far. I'm currently sitting in a big pile of motorcycle parts (HID kit, Neduro rally tank, autocom bits, powerlets, etc) which are going on the bike this week.

Guille and I are still good friends and chat periodically online. The relationship was a great (if tempestuous) experience for both of us but we eventually concluded that it wasn't going to work out even if we lived in the same city. However, Gavin and Sonia are still together! He even got an apartment in Guanajuato where he spends a big chunk of the year. His Multistrada is still sitting at the shop in Guate, though

Speaking of girls, it's a good thing I now have a bike with pillion capacity because I met (actually re-met) a girl here in SF a couple weeks after I got back and now I'm in the midst of a torrid romance that is already generating nefarious long-term plans. She's a rider (though currently bikeless) and we've been tearing up the California coast with the 990A on weekends. She'll be joining me for the return leg of my summer solstice Alaska trip this year, so expect plenty of pictures in that ride report. Funny thing: Her family is originally from Guanajuato. Have I developed a type?
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