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Hey guys for any of these pictures, just click on them to see a larger image. we go again....

I had to ride out to Bourkeo's place (scotty) on Friday, completely soaking all of my stuff, and setting the tone for the weekend.

We drove down friday night and after a fair amount of rain, we were ready to ride the next morning.

A Pano near the camp site

Scott brought his girlfriend, Joanna out and she was learning to ride saturday morning before we left.

Here is us setting off in the rain

hey look its me

Scott(Bourkeo) and Joanna

Sienna on the 650L - she is quite the rider

Scotty and co. on the GS

Sienna on the XR

I have a new crush on my XR650R - it makes me feel like I can do cool stuff

the rail

so much better than being in the office

the trestle

Dave having a bash on the DRz

The girls - Sienna and Joanna

When you ADV ride, you have to walk like a robot at least sometimes


Scott and Joanna

We had an ADV meeting, mid trail. It was the general concensus that Needlepoint is superior to traditional knitting.


Scotty rode for hours without having a drop through some amazing terrain. We finally made it to a really long and VERY slippery section that we were all having some trouble with.
Somewhere along the line, Scott had one of the slowest lowsides I have ever seen. It must have gone on for 30 seconds because he was working on saving it. He finally made it over to the bank and you can see where the GS just was plowing down the berm. The only reason they stopped was of the bush.

It had been raining all morning and most of the night before. The puddles on the road had started to run together...

Finally, we came to a bend and around it this is what we saw.

It was just a river... I went riding down it, having a blast until the water was up into the hub of my front wheel....

Here is scott navigating it on the GS

The XR did fine all day, regardless of what I did to it.

We had to just ride through the desert on the side of the new aqueduct

We made it to here - and whenever you see a big pile of bikes, its not a good thing. I think we had made it as far as we were going to this day.

The rapid kinda gives it away

around this time is when Scott realized that he forgot to gas up the XR650L.... so imgunasnap loaned up a liter of petrol. Thanks dood!

We had to head back.... there was no way the GS and the rest of us was making it through that and we didnt know if there was more after that.

So we turned around.

some of the other "turn arounders"




someones XR650L died and we coulnt figure out what was up, so it was loaded....

We made it back on fumes and exhausted. Everything that I had brought had been soaked at least twice. The next morning was a perfect time to dry some stuff out.

We bring chicks that change tires - beat THAT you guys.

Joanna went out for round two of learning how to ride.... this time in the sand.

Chris swung by and we all decided to go on a "Short" sunday morning ride. I had never ridden with the guy before..... boy was I in for a surprise.

Homie can ride

here ya go Chris... a PS one

While he was wheelieing back and forth, I took a picture of my bike becuase I cant do that.

I went up to take a look myself. This was a family that showed up soon after us.


Chris took us up into some crazy spots.... was a really fun loop

Sienna and Dave head up the hill

After the fun, we hauled balls back to camp and loaded up and headed home sore and happy.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T. S. Eliot
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