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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden
Task, I am looking into a new moduler and loved my old Nolan, but really want the internal visor.

Other than noise, how does this one work for you? Also, does it have the ratcheting chin strap like the old Nolans (a favorite feature of mine)?



I remain delighted with mine. Modulars are noisier than full face, but there are several variables in that equation. Some swear by the Schuberth C2, but I found that the noisiest helmet I'd ever worn with the exhaust noise echoing around my head. The N103 is a dream compared to that. YMMV.

I wore mine about 2500 miles before the snow and ice forced me to give up riding for the year. Some of those miles were in torrential rain, and nary a leak. Ventilation could be better in hot, humid weather. The chinstrap is the same as the N102. Inner pads are easily removed for cleaning. The chinpiece ratcheting mechanism is uber smooth. The sun visor is notched for your nose so it can come down low enough so there is no annoying line in your field of vision. The visor stays in the open a crack position up to about 60mph.

I really like this helmet!

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