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You'll poke a finger eventually, and it is surprisingly painful. Here are a few tips:

Buy a lot of 1/16" drill bits, you will break them, and they also dull fast.

Have a light hammer and a 1/16" drift punch on hand to help extricate snapped off drill bits.

use a center-punch to mark the starting point for your drill.

Use a drill press if possible.

Little tiny drill bits like high RPM.

Mark the fasteners when they are in place and torqued.

Plan your wiring so you can get a nice straight pull with the pliers when you are twisting the wire.

Pretty twists require a pair of saftey wire pliers.

Don't spin the wire too many times, it'll weaken it.

Arrange your wire so it pulls in a direction that would tighten the bolt you are securing. That way there is no slack if the bolt wants to loosen.

To finish the job properly, twist the ends of the wire a few times to leave a short tail, cut the extra, and use needle-nose pliers to curl the cut end inward so it's neatly tucked in against the fastener you just secured or some other surface so it will not snag you or anything else.

Don't forget to add a pair of wire cutters to your on-bike tool kit.
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