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Let's Roll

September 11, 2001. UAL Flight 93 re-routes for a one way trip into the nations Capital. Four of the 44 aboard have commandeered the flight. Remaining passengers become aware of the Twin Towers plane attacks and the plane assault on the Pentagon. They discussed, decided and took action to save themselves and those in the building they were in route to.
The last audible on flight communication with ground personnel was from passenger Todd Beamer who is credited with the statement "Are you guys ready? Let's Roll". The outcome of the attempt to reclaim the plane is evident. They gave all.

The tag moves north about 375 miles. I am ashamed of the lack of quality in the photo images. Left for the tag with plenty of time, but got a load of junk in the carb. Three stops to tear it a part and go some more...then it was dark.

I have not been here before. Located on a barren field, the wind was howling. By flashlight, I read the memorials left by family, friends, LEO and Firemen. And others. Many others.


Big and small, simple and fancy

I came for a tag. I left with something else.

This wall is decked with Fireman's helmets and patches, VFW, American Legion and others more than I could comprehend.

As I rode away from the site, I was aware of two things: the lump in my throat, and the single word on my mind: Heroes
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