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Originally Posted by El Cazador
My Bike was parked and was hit squarely on the front end while the bike was at full lock. I Noticed immediatley that front wheel was misaligned and rotor was bent. I have replaced the rotor and (almost) re-aligned the forks by loosening clamps and yanking it back into place. The wheel is also just a little out of true. I have ridden the bike in the last couple of days and, while rideable, the front end feels a little off and I am exploring my options for a fix. I would still like to take the front fork off and apart and see what exactly is going on. My main concern for the yammy conversion is if I can drop the forks in the trees enough to get close to the height of a gs (and inch or two lift is ok). Im also worried that Im biting off more than I can chew because I havent done so much as change the fork oil before. Any advise would be appreciated.

The following is nothing more than my opinion, so take it for what its worth.

You might want to evaluate the way your riding the bike now and how you would like to be riding in the future. Don't worry about the project complexity. It is not that bad and there will be a way to get it done. Figure out where you want to be first.

If off-road is taking front seat to on-road riding, its worth considering the a change in your front suspension especially considering the unfortunate opportunity to upgrade that was presented to you by the crash and run.
  1. If your perfectly happy tooling around touring or commuting, I wouldn't even bother with the upgrade and find a set of used GS forks and get back to business as usual with the stock setup. This is a great ride either way
  2. If your interested in doing a bit more off-road than the average bear, the Dakar forks may be the ticket to a minor improvement. Stiffer springs (per my TT setup) and more travel will make a huge difference in the bike. Don't forget about the brake cable requirements (you can have mine with the forks). If you have bar risers you can drop the forks in the triples pretty much but you still need to be concerned with ride height and attitude. A longer Dakar model shock would me nice too but maybe not necessary...I just don't know.
  3. If your really wanting to make a big difference in the bikes off-road capability (plus the fun factor) and you can drop a few grand into front and rear suspension, go with the rebuilt KYB 46mm Yammy front end, have the Dakar rear shock re-worked and you have a very different moto to ride. Comfortable on the HWY at 70mph all afternoon and competent on the rougher trails and access roads. Don't forget, its still a very heavy bike. But that's why you need a 400EXC to do the knarly stuff.
So that is my nickle perspective on the F650GS. I have owned mine since 01. It is my only street bike now and I spend 50% of my time 2-up with my wife on back roads and trails. I couldn't see spending the $$ in a 950 or even a new F800GS. My finished product isn't even in the same league with those bikes but I can go anywhere they can, do anything they can (or more depending on who is the pilot), it was fun to build and I still have the $$ in my pocket for other adventures.

Life is so full of compromises.

I hope that helps....but its just one mans perspective.

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