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Ferry crossing to La Paz

Mon Feb 2

Wanted to make sure the ferry crossing would go ok. Arrived at the offices before 11:00am and had to wait more than an hour for tickets.
The damage in pesos and dollars at exchange rate of 13.8:

1 adult: 1190 / $86
1 cabin: 760 / $55
1 motorcycle: 1665 / $121
Total: 3615 / $262

$262 is a lot of money, but Marc and I rode down the mainland side and to repeat that would have been the third time for me (drove a car to Costa Rica three years ago), so it was worth it to see something new in Baja. Plus the idea of crossing the Sea of Cortez was exciting.

They told me to return at 4:00pm and I arrived after pretty much everybody else w/ a vehicle was on board. I was carrying 4 items that I strap to the seat, saddlebags and my backpack. No lockable panniers so I ended up "checking" two of the bags and carried the rest with me. They said I could leave it on the bike, nobody would have access to the vehicle area, but I didn't like that idea. I rode right up the ramp, they told me where to park it and then they strapped it down. Saw 5 BMWs on board as wel. Would have to look for them later.

Reception was much like a hotel, checked in, got key and they took me to my room:

Had two fixed beds, and two more that you could pull down over the two fixed ones, and one more pull down by the entrance. Very nice.

The bathroom was big enough and I immediately took a shower because it was hot in the vehicle holding area. Then I went up on deck to explore...

I love the way the tree foilage grows parallel to the angled surface here:

We would head for "open sea" through this.

There were two of these. I thought they were tugs, but they seemed to be there to prevent us from getting too close to the harbour edges.

Looking back at Mazatlán...

Baja is just beyond that sunset...

On deck I met Alex, a bicyclist from Seattle and we talked for a while. He flew his bike to Puerto Vallarta and had been cycling solo all over southern Mexico, and now was making his way back home. He was going to sleep in one of the "sleeper rooms" where the seats look like airplane seats and where you can spend the night a bit more cheaply. I thought what the heck, my room's got some empty beds and invited him to share my cabin.

Very windy and quite chilly so we went below. After dinner started getting ready for bed and soon the loudest, drunken-est (?), laughing-est grupo de cuatro arrived next door. Tried my best to ignore it for an hour, then gave up and went to talk to the folks at reception. You could hear these guys from 100 meters distance. 10 minutes later a rep from the ferry arrived and gave them a talking-down that lasted another 10 minutes. A talk that included phrases such as "respect for others' rights", "not the only ones on board", etc and the guys settled down within another 15 minutes.

With everything quiet now, you could feel the room in constant sea motion and soon I drifted off.

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