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Originally Posted by Desert Dave
Some of you guys worry about the numbers to much. Don't get me wrong, I like to get the most for my money also, but money "lost" on a bike is just what you pay to play. I lost a ton of money on my KLR at sale, don't care, I think of all the crazy places that bike took me and it was worth every penny. I'm certain I'll lose big bucks on the BMW as well, purchased new and am easily on my way to putting thousands into it.

Bikes aren't investments...they are consumables

The next guy might say it's a waste of money, but then he must not value his fun time as much as I do

People loose sight of why they are buying the bike and get too worried about the nickle and dime stuff! Stop taking all the fun out of it and just ride! If you have to look at the bottom line every second then you have the wrong hobby.
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