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Originally Posted by Motoriley
..Are people really looking for advice or do they just want people to confirm what they already believe?
This is something that has confused me all along. Why in the world would you ask someone else "should I buy X or Y?" It's a motorcycle. There is no wrong answer. If you want to ride single-track all the time and you buy a Harley bagger you probably won't have as much fun as you would if you had bought a 250 dirt bike. But that just means you didn't do your homework. This forum is loaded with people's experiences with their different motorcycles and it only takes a little reading to figure out what bikes do what. There are so many things to consider when you get a motorcycle and they all have to do with what YOU want out of it, not someone else.

Actually, the title of this thread is misleading. The OP asks some very specific questions about how the F800GS handles and how that compares to his KLR. He doesn't really ask which bike to buy.
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