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Sat Feb 7

Time to finish this report off...

235 miles of drenching rain while trying to locate friends from the past, no luck. The plastic bags weren't working for my feet. News reports reporting possible snow in the Grapevine pass for HI 5, so I stayed in Burbank.

In the evening, went looking for a drier solution for my feet. Suran wrap?

Sun Feb 8
Naturally, after wrapping my feet and socks up in Suran wrap, it doesn't rain at all between Burbank until an hour before Redding where I stay the night. Long windy ride on unspectacular HI 5, but finally, gratefully, dry.

458 miles (a new one day high for me).

Mon Feb 9
The cold hits me at Redding. I have on three pairs of socks, covered in Suran wrap, boots on, Suran wrap on top of them, and when I hit Mt. Shasta area, I'm freezing. 4 long sleeve shirts, two mc jackets and a rain jacket covering everything. Two pairs of gloves, covered by my rain mits. Balaclava, neck wrap, scarf and I've never been so cold! Met another rider and she and I warm up over coffee at a Burger King. I have those heat packets and take off my boots and stick them in the toe area. I give a few to the lady rider who accepts gladly. I think they help a bit.

Huge relief to lose altitude after Mt. Shasta but the Siskiyoui Pass is just as cold and there's a car that slid off the road. Maybe the morning was icy, but now (1:00pm) the roads are more wet than anything. Still I slow way down and follow some traffic, feels safer. I feel lucky though because it is bright and sunny, no chance of more rain / snow for the moment. That changes at Grants Pass and I run into a mini blizzard of snow that lasts 15 minutes. Nearly pull over for the night, but I can see the clouds braking up ahead. Light drizzle and some sun breaks and I stop several times to warm up and arrive at Eugene at 5:00. I'm spent. Only two hours from home, but I just don't want to ride anymore.

388 miles; 9.5 hours riding

Tues Feb
I leave by 8:00am with a few snow flurries, but the roads are dry. Within a half hour, I'm riding through some pretty good snow, now it's wet, but not slick. When I hit Portland, visibility is reduced quite a bit, but ty 10:00 I'm home! View outside my home after I arrive:

122 miles. Done.
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