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New member here, themenz suggested I should join and share my results.

I'm commuting in swedish winter weather, which means rain and snow in temperatures around -10C to +5C (15-40F). Keeping the visor clean in such conditions is not easy. I have tried many other methods such as "don't wipe, ever", glove-mounted squeegees, stop-and-clean routines and was on the brink of trying tear-offs when I found Raincoat on the web and bought a few packs to test.

Raincoat does indeed work just as claimed on rain and road spray. Anything wet just rolls off. Thin spray tends to get stuck in the middle of the visor, but turning your head to the side blows it right off.

Unfortunately it does not work quite as well on snow. If the snow is cold and dry it just bounces off, but if the snow flakes are big and wet they stick to the visor and won't be blown off even by a head turn. It's pretty much like an untreated visor: You have to wipe it off manually. However when you wipe if off, the residual water left on the visor quickly beads up and rolls off leaving it clean and clear again. So even if Raincoat doesn't "cure" wet snow completely, it still gives me an advantage.

Overall, I'm very happy I found it. Raincoat on the outside and Pinlock on the inside is a great combination.
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