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Originally Posted by Harry Swan
I spent a few hours today riding my 1150 and f800 GS's ... Needed to run them before it gets really wet here. For how you ride I'd have to say the F800GS would be more fun, but as others have noted I'd be hard pressed to leave the R1150GS in the garage if I were riding to the Yukon this summer. Trips from LA through out the Southwest would be a blast on the F8 and knowing I could take off down any road I come across is just sweet. That's something I now hesitate to do on the 1150 mostly because of my last spill on the Dempster Highway in '05. I spent 30 minutes waiting for someone to help me pick the GS up and I really don't want to chance injury and that feeling again. I am a solitary rider by nature and I did break a rib in that Dempster crash, so take that as a FWIW.

Bottom line, from the three months I've had the F800 is it's become my favorite bike and I just might have to sell the 1150. I'll let you know but it's a definite thumbs up for the F8GS over the R1150GS from me.
I travel more than a fair amount alone and are usually concerned about my physical ability to correct some of my errors in judgement, i.e. pick up my own bike after a drop. I have owned both the 1150 GS Adventure and the 1200 GS Adventure and ridden them on the Dempster and the Dalton, so I wanted to add some other insight into the "pick-up the bike" equation.

Granted, I have absolutely zero experience with the F880GS, other than a butt test or two. From the printed data and the road tests I've read, it seems that the F800GS is about 50 pounds lighter than a standard R1200 GS, which means it's at least 100 pounds lighter than the Adventure version. That's great and a definite positive on the scale of being able to hoist the beast up from a horizontal position. The other consideration that may or may not move things slightly toward the 1150/1200 GS is that with the boxer motor the bike usually, and I do mean usually, isn't quite as horizontal as a narrow, flat sided bike as the F800GS or a KTM 950/990. From personal experience, it does make the big GS easier to set vertical again. I'm not a big hulk of rider that would be able to bench press either of the bikes as I'm 5'8", 160, 60 year old rider in training. Just a thought.

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