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Wow guys, I already received the return email from Ghazi at Teiz. I am really amazed at how quickly he responded and actually answered my questions as well!

Here is his email response:


Thank you for your interest in our products. I have been monitoring the forums and I am assuming I am speaking to flux_capacitor :) I want to respond to the comments in the forum but registration is closed for new members.

Firstly, please let others on the forum know that "translate to fast" is not a misprint. The point of our tagline is that if you wear the right gear and feel safe, you will automatically go faster and feel more confident.

Secondly, we have tried to ensure that everything is of the highest quality and comparable to many of the higher-priced competitive products out there. There is an impression that if the suit costs less it must not be that good, but I think riders will stand corrected once they have experienced the suit.

We do not advertise the suit as being 100% waterproof. However, Cordura is water resistant and there is in internal waterproof liner called Drench Quench which should provide further protection. The front zipper comes with a Velcro cover to prevent water seeping in from the front. All the vent zippers and most pockets are waterproof.

There is a sizing chart and some comparisons on the website:

The fit also depends on personal preferences. For example I am 5.8 and wear a small which is very snug on my body. But then I like the fitting to be very snug and I wear short underneath, take out the liner and avoid jeans. Normally a guy my size would go with medium. Using the sizing chart and comparing with your regular jacket size you can probably evaluate what would be comfortable size for you. If you are still confused, shoot me an email with your detailed size info.

We are working with dealers in Atlanta as well and hopefully it will be on display in Atlanta showrooms soon. We intend to launch direct sales to customers through our website in the next 2-3 months. If you email me right now about what you interested in, I can order a suit specifically for you as well. It will require a small deposit. If you think you will need a hi-viz color, you need to order ahead because they are custom ordered due to low demand. I will be posting new hi-res pictures and color swatches online soon.

Also, there are several colors available Regular Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Silver/Pewter, Dark Grey
Hi-Viz: Yellow, Orange, Light Green

Please feel free to email me any further questions.

Ghazi Farooq
(408) 396-0881"

So there you have it. I offered to post some pics for him if he'd email them to me so if he does I will post up. I'd like to get into one of these suits pretty soon and if I do then I'll let y'all know what I think.
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