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Originally Posted by nicolaswatson
GS addict,

if you wish to carry spares, good for you. How many other spares will you carry? How do you determine what spares?

I carry all the basics that are likely to stop me, likely to fail, and can be done on the roadside - spare cables, plugs, alternator belt, fuel filter, clutch lever.

I have tyre repair and crash repair items.

Relays are very reliable these days - i dont bother carrying spares. You may even find that for example the ABS relay is the same as another, so you could pull the abs to get something else going! Even if you couldn't, a bit of jumper wire will bypass a relay to get the motor running if required, so long as the underlying cause of the failure is addressed first.

Carrying all the spares you like may not help, unless you know what your doing and have the tools to do so.

if it really goes bad, set up your tent, or join the locals for some fun... call your boss and say your stranded for a few days and let the adventure begin.

I carry all the same spares u do including a sight glass & one of each type fuse and Lamp. Not always for myself but being in the trade I end up helping others that do not plan for breakdowns.
The subject relay takes up little space so it is a no brainer.
As far as relay reliability issue goes - I know first hand, it is my trade, I work with all types every day - mechanical & electronic. I can assure you of one thing, they DO fail, some models more than others.
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