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So, this is when and where the riding started. Our plan was to be located in La Playa for a week or so before we started to partition our way north.
Mark and Darren had some Xmas gift-buying to do, we all had some riding to do, and we even got some of that in.

The exact chronology of our rides in that area may be a bit scrambled, but I will tell it like I remember it.

My interests were to ride the East Cape road up to Los Barriles and back, ride the Las Naranjas Ranch road over to Todos Santos, and to explore a bit north of the highway between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas as there are a myriad of roads there through beautiful countryside.

Planning back home tends to be more grandiose than the actual rides done

One of the first rides was just west of San Jose. Heading west to Cabo San Lucas takes one along the crazy freeway, but just on the western outskirts of San Jose is a canyon running north. You see it when crossing one of the first bridges on the highway...the canyon runs off to the right. This canyon hosts a zip-line outfit for those so inclined (at least $90 for a few hours of wishing the line was longer)...

The canyon is mostly hard-packed coarse sand that has a bit of water here and there, the usual compliment of basura, and some folks dumping stuff or taking there is a clear double-track to follow.

We did this for a half-dozen kilometers before we came to the part of the trail that would make a trials rider drool...but ended our exploring further into the canyon...

We didn't do the zip-line thing as we were having too much fun zipping around on our own...

After some backtracking to the zip-line area's rappelling wall, we found our way north to a series of roads that were delightful....hard-packed sand that encouraged steering with the back wheel along roller coaster roads.

No technical stuff, but a fun day of exploring...

Back to San Jose and home to La Playa...

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