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Originally Posted by uberthumper
Cool, well that gives me something to aim for at least.

I know the numbers on the jets/needles tie up with what the workshop manual says they should be for that year (1993). However since the bike ticked over 53000km at the start of the week I wouldn't be surprised if they are worn. I'll replace them with new at some point.

I may end up trying to find another set of carb bodies anyway, as the pilot screw is set solid into one of them and can't be adjusted. While I'm on the subject - Only one of the carbs has a pilot screw, the other has a brass plug where I'd expect it to be. Is this normal? I have no experience of dual-carb/single-cylinder bikes.

Fuel pump? Can you explain how this might be causing it to run rich, or what I should be looking for. Seems to me the fuel pump on the DR is so simple it should either work or not work.

Yes, only one pilot screw is adjustable. It is OK. Carbs are balancing each other.
By main jets I meant fuel jets in the carbs - they wont be worn, but they can be wrong size. If bike is 1993 (SR43B) they must be 130 jets. My DR at 90 000 now and carbs is OK.
On fuel pump subject - you are correct, it is totally primitive vacuum-operated pump...question is: are your bike running reach or just loose fuel when stationary? If first - well, that could be both pump (torn diaphragm) and carbs. Or just carbs.
If it is running reach a)make sure it is indeed stock pump b)check diaphragm in it. If it dried up it can do miracles - "pops" on each stroke sending surge of fuel to carbs.
Check airfilter housing. Make sure seat does not block for some reason air intakes. Check that small vacuum hose on right side of carbs is in place. But not all DRs seems to have it - looks like it is related with country of origin.
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