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I am always unimpressed by how on modern bikes the fenders do so little to protect anything. On my 1150gs the front was way too short to keep crap off the engine and rider. I put on a Fenda Extenda and even added a little mud flap to that and it worked great. The rear wasn't much better. The underside of my Givi including the latching mechanism would fill up with crud. Added an extension on the license plate and that helped a little. There was a little rubber flap to protect the shock somewhat. From what I can see on the F800 (don't take delivery for a few more days) the shock looks pretty vulnerable in stock form.

Originally Posted by DiabloBlanco
Yeah I'll add a few more when I get a chance, prob tomorrow. The thing was a pain to get on, but now that it's on I'm glad I did it.
It's not directly listed on website, but you can go to "order by part number" with part number 8160544 and then click the part number. Took about 3 weeks to get it. I also ordered their radiator guard as I think it's the better looking one of those available. That too must be ordered by part number (8500074 if you care). This link might or might not work for the splash guard:
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