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LD Comfort

Let me say, not as a specific answer like Mario will give, but an answer from a true believer, that there is a world of difference between LD Comfort garments and any other out there.

No seams in the tender areas mean you don't get chaffed, rubbed, or hot spots. Very important to the comfort.

The fabric is really high-tech - it breathes; it keeps you warm when its cold outside; and it is the only fabric I have ever used that wicks moisture as one would want. The inner layer pulls the moisture from the skin; the outer layer disperses the moisture away. Mario will explain this better butt I am telling you it works!

I have the shorts [worn a couple of times] and the long sleeve shirt with tights [bottoms]. I much prefer this latter combination because they keep the outer clothes from sticking to the skin and if I open the vents of my 'stich the fabric offers wonderful cooling at even slow speeds.

I am one of those long distance rallists and have worn the LD Comfort for days with only a quick wash in the motel shower. The garments work!

YM won't V No relation, no business interest, just telling it like it is.

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