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I believe that the moderators still loathe, abjure, and despise links to eBay listings - so I'll just sort of casually mention, quietly, out of the corner of my mouth - while appearing to be reading 'GSPOT"

PSSST! Hey Buddy - there's a pretty well sorted-out BMW F650 (year2000 Funduro, Aprillia manufactured, with carbs) with matching Velorex 562 rig up on eBay for the next two days.

The bike has reasonably low miles (under 10K) and the install looks competent, although I don't recognise the subframe used. and am slightly puzzled that the installer chose to mount the steering damper on the bike's left side, rather than the more typical right-side placement where the chair protects it.

The bid price is a bit stiff, but not unreasonable for a very clean rig in good mechanical shape that's been sorted out.

I've gleeped some pics and rehosted them, not very big, but the rig does look nice:

Wife Katherine has put about 15K on our F650/Ural combo, and it's been a stone reliable city commuter with realistic pretensions to running the super-slab (with the Ural's windshield folded down I've seen 89 MPH on the GPS, and cruised comfortably in the high 70's for several hours at a time). With the lighter and more areodynamic Velorex, this should be a decent performing sidehack combo.

Our bike now has clocked over 50K miles, about half those pulling a 275Lb sidecar, I finally replaced the clutch last month, but it feels like it's willing to go another 50K.

With all of the folks muttering "I've just GOTTA find a hack fer to carry the dog, the beer, and the ole lady (not neccessarily in that order, sometimes the beer comes first, and sometimes they can ride together - if your dog drinks beer ....) someone should give this rig a happy, new home.


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