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Originally Posted by flyinon2
I have a question. I use Plexus to clean my windscreen and visor. Will this remove the Raincoat or will it just lessen the effect with each cleaning? I see where you say that soap and water does not remove it so I was just wondering about the Plexus. I carry a small bottle of Plexus in my tankbag so that I can stop and clean my shield or windscreen anywhere. There are a lot of bugs around here in the corn and bean fields of Central Illinois!
Good question:

I did testing to see if Raincoat would work after applying Plexus. The good news is that Raincoat sticks and works just as well on a Plexus coated shield.

I will do some testing using Plexus to clean a visor with Raincoat applied. I suspect that Plexus will remove the Raincoat fully or partially.
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