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BEFORE YOU LEAVE GET A SECOND COPY OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE FROM YOUR STATE, tell them you lost the other one. Yes that is illegal in most states, do it anyway. Get two INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSES FROM AAA. That is legal and use them. My drivers license was lost or something by a Costa Rica offical entering country. Calls to my local BMV were a waste of time. I had photo copies of my drivers license with me but they were refused by all officials in all countries. Would have had to ship motorcycle back from Costa Rica if I had not been able to obtain a Costa Rica license. You won't have time to do that. Also get a dupicate copy of your motorcycle title from your state BMV. You now need a original vehicle title to enter some of the Central American countries, previous years you could use you registration but no longer. Any other information you may want feel free to PM me. Have a great trip.
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