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Originally Posted by Stagehand
I'm gonna steal that brake idea from you guys

Did you say you were doing something to that GS front end, before putting it on?

Oh, hey also- I just recently had the opportunity to heft an ST rear muffler, and is mine just full of rocks, or do they actually weight 2 stone?

I'm telling you, that break light is the best $10 you can spend on a safety mod.

No, I'm planning on leaving the GS forks stock - maybe adding a gold valve down the road, but first I just want to make my bike rideable because the weather's getting better by the day up here.

I've never actually 'hefted' one myself. I managed to leave mine connected to the collector when I swapped my subframe out, so I've never actually felt how heavy it is. I believe it's the same muffler that went on the factory G/S PD bikes - the so-called "stainless" one. Though it says "Zeuna Stainless" on it, I'm pretty sure it's actually just the G/S muffler with THICK chrome plating cuz mine's definitely rusting a little in a few spots, that and the extra mounts for the heat shield which also looks identical to the ST heatshield. As far as internals go I'm pretty sure it's identical to the G/S muffler.

I'll see what I can do about a side profile when I get home from work today.
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