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Ok, I'm back. I've rectified some electrical issues (my Vector computer lost power due to the teeeny-tiny 22g. wire they use getting rubbed to pieces). I've also mapped out my electrical system as shown below:

You can see that the headlight ground is currently tied to the frame. This is the thing I believe I need to fix. The plan is to remove the headlight ground from the frame, along with the ground from the AC Regulator, and tie them together (floating ground?).

Obviously, the bikes general systems are all run from the DC side, post battery, I just didn't feel like including all that wiring in my diagram. The AC circuit consists only of what is shown; it is a very simple circuit.

Also, the way I have the drawing laid out shows, approximately, the correct relative lengths for each wire run.

Anyone have other thoughts?

I'm hoping to get my wheel back from Buchanan's today so I can fire up the bike and test the wiring out.'s really hard to kick start the pig with no rear wheel it turns out!
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