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Originally Posted by ZenMoto
Thanks for chiming in XRider. The drawing was correct, sort of. ...I forgot (and glad I remembered) that Baja Designs sent me the wrong thing; I ordered an AC regulator, but they sent a reg/rec, so that was how I had the light wired, as a DC system (shown in the diagram). I now have an AC Reg wired in.

According to what I could find, the AC Reg simply gets wired in parallel with the AC circuit from the stator? ...basically I have the green and white from the stator going to the AC Reg, at the point where the white ties into the yellow of the AC Reg, I also have the Positive feed to the headlight (via the handlebar switch) wired in, and I have the negative feed to the headlight wired in at the same point the as the Brown & Green rom the AC Reg & Stator respectively.

...does this sound correct to you?

I'm going to fire the pig up later today and see if it works! :)

Thanks again,

That'll do it. A DC regulator/rectifier won't work properly without some sort of energy storage on the DC side- either a battery or capacitor. It will output a series of narrow +12V pulses instead of a steady voltage, so the average voltage will be way too low. A good sign of this happening is that the voltage is higher at idle than at high rpm.
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