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Thanks again guys. Just got out of the garage and I'm a happy camper (mostly). ...I forgot that the computer is still wired into the AC side, but has a frame ground still, so (maybe this is the reason) it's still not getting power from the bike. I don't care enough to tear it apart again right now. I'll deal with it next oil change. :)

The light, however, works like a charm! Nice, bright, steady light!

With the exception of the light on the one AC side, the rest of the system is very un-taxed, despite the fact that I'm running everything else on the bike from the DC side, including heated grips. Switching to LED turn signals and for the brake/tail light pays off big time both in power consumption, and durability on the trail.

Thanks again for the help and feedback. I'm going to head up to Gorman tomorrow morning for a shakedown run if any of you LA locals want to come out and kick knobbies!

Thanks again, Cheers!!!

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