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now in a cage...
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shit, cant sleep, ride was to much fun, now to take a moment and atleast start my ride report. sence i was up forever, ill start at the begining of the day. 12am, working. 3am, get word that my best friends (ya, their twins) mom died (cancer for about 2 years). 2:45am, get off race to my buddys house to make sure their alright. 4am, back home. 4:50, im gone. 6am, serria offramp arrival, picture explains its self.

6:40, they arrive.

6:50, beer.

7:15, depart after waiting for a no show, its all good though cus we got to the school by 7:40 anyways. fun ride to the rest of the group, you guys really miss out.

by 8:30, theres about 12 or so of us.

and dont think for a second that you where going to get away with this (so who was drinking strawberry margaritas again?)...

after that we started the ride, first some easy dirt roads, then we ended up in some sort of desert gp.

once we got out of bro-vill, and hit real trails, get got the first sign it was going to be a bad day. rob said he almost cryed when he saw the dead beers.

a few fun trails later, rob showed us this nice view.

herding cats looks like...

then god damn rob almost killed me and probally a few othere riders too. after following this guy for a good hour or so, i could totally tell this guy was a damn good rider, so im fallow him doing 70 down a power line road (this thing was going for miles along the 395 and we're making god time at this speed) and he starts to pull away so i fall his tracks. im so locked into his tracks i didnt see him fully switch sides on his bike (ill let him explain how it happened) but there was ONE road that they graded and left a good foot or so burm on the sides of the road. i only had time to roll the gas a bit more and about cleared the road, probally blew the berm on the other side of the road from bottoming the bike out so hard. after me and rob almost died it was about time for a stop.

the trail, and the solar farm.

after we all stop for a bit, it was off to kramer junction for gas. there we meet up with a few more riders, one bike i was drawn too was the klx300.

the most of the group.

down the 395 a bit the cut of into the dirt, these trails where great. the regrouping, word at this point is joel is out of gas.

after about 15 mins we ride over to see what out of gas is...

ends up being more than gas, eletrical problems would end joels day, probally for the better seeing what would later send people home before lunch. and joel, dont be for the hour or so burned, i got to drink my much need monstar and rest some finally. he would end up getting towed and tailered out. we continue on. sry dude, i dont remeber you name or handle, but you man handled this gs dude.

but you also learned you limits saddly, hope it heals fast. plan of attack out.

damage control

well it looks like the computers about to kick me off so it looks like this ones going to be a 2 parter. tomarrow after the race maybe, if it doesnt get rained out.
the bike, the ride reports, and what ive riden this week:ymca, da cage?
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