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after 100 yards of pavement, we're back again on dirt on our way to randsburg

the ride was good and fast..then in many unexpected places we ran into deep sand.., but nobody ate it.

the first sign of trouble was when my bike started to bog down, then it went away. we're about 15 miles after we left kramer junction, and all of the sudden the bike died. first thought, i was out of gas, which of course it wasn't the case. afraid of draining the battery, we took turn kickstarting the 640a

then we took off the seat, gas tank, and most plastics so we can easily trouble shoot and work on the bike. sito, steve and i spent a good hour without any good result. so i told rob, go ahead and take the rest of the guys to randsburg while jim tows me back to kramer, while sito and johngil provide some assist if needed (it proved to be valuable help when jim and i got stuck in the sand)

i'm thankful to whoever brought the tow strap, let me know who so i can return it.

towing was tough and lots of close call. then we got swallowed by the deep sand....

we made it to kramer without anymore incident...i owe it to jim, and of course to many as well.

while jim and sito went back to phelan, john and i decided to hang out in kramer.

hell yeah! the price of burger at astro's convinced us it's the best place to park my dead bike

the gyro was guys need to check out this joint.

lots of dirt riders like this place

the hogs were there too, and thought i saw dunerat was with them

after about 2 hours of waiting, spafxer finally showed up
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