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I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time... ), but I think he's asking about the riding style of the rider (i.e., putting his foot down in a turn on pavement), not the bike.

If that's the question, my answer is, no, I try not to unless I absolutely have to. The first ten years of riding bikes for me was all motocross, so I do have the habit pretty ingrained, but I've tried really hard to break it (lest I break something else, like my ankle...).

Whenever I'm riding pavement, I try to corner in the 'sportbike' style, partly because it's more effective (on pavement...) and partly because it gets me out of the old habits of trying to turn like I'm on dirt when I'm not.

I think KTM was prolly trying to emphasize the 'Supermoto' aspect of the bike in the pic, but it's not a style I would personally emulate.
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