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genuine pleather seating
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First off, it's a marketing picture, not a recommendation of "how to ride".
Secondly, some details within the pic give some clues as to why he's got his foot out. It's wet, he's just ridden across painted stripes (and those are like ice when wet), and it seems he's making a quick right/left off the main road towards the camera. The contact patch of the front tire is very small, and not in line with the rear, so he's accelerating out of his line-change, and maybe saving a front-end wash-out at the same time. Who knows? When you put out your foot on pavement, it usually means you're at the edge of disaster or coming back from it. The boots he's wearing wouldn't last long riding SM-style, as those are touring boots with a thin sole.
Or not.
Ahhh, the internet, where all things go to die.

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