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coolin' my heels here at home. thanks to cribaby (i think - i'm a little fuzzy on some parts of the day) for the drugs and sage advise and help on the trail, and to yzlvr and nowwhat for getting me home. i owe you guys big time.

got to the e.r. a little after 7 - the urgent care place was closed. only had to wait a few minutes to see the doc who gave me a wonderful shot of morphine. xrays show a nice clean break, the 2 ends somewhat offset. i'm to see an ortho doc soon.

johngil, you're right, the recliner is the place to be. and you're right about the 800 too, doesn't pay to push it too far. oh well, another lesson learned. funny thing is, i had low-sided a few minutes earlier and so had already dialed it back a couple of notches. i think my dial is busted.

ben, i think i got off easy. you're the one who took the heavy hit. hopefully we'll hear from you soon.

rob, thanks, really, for organizing the ride. it was my first stint thru the dez. a great ride while it lasted.

i'll post a few pics with joel's report. great photos joel!!
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