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Originally Posted by JDRadman
Sounds great...cant wait to hear the rest of the story...
Have a great ride

I can definitely say that anything over .52 is way too stiff. I weigh 180, and ride very aggressively (I came off of a Husky TC450).
Jim, I see where you came up with the .8? spring rate. That is for BMW Dakars, which have a shorter travel than a YZ. So they need stiffer springs to keep them from bottoming out. The YZ forks have 3" more travel so you can use a much softer spring before you use the full suspension. If you put .8's on your bike, it will ride just as stiff as it did before and you'll never use the full suspension. Go to the Racetech site and instead of using the BMW Dakar spring rates, go the the YZ spring rates and add the difference of the weight between your bike and the YZ + your weight. When I add 110lbs to my wieght to account for the difference between my bike and the YZ, the highest rated spring it says to use is a .52.

I was riding with some very good riders yesterday on KTM 640's, 690's, 950 SE's, 990's, Honda CRF's, DRZ650, and XR 400's.
I was leading this ride through the Mojave desert. THere was about 18 of us overall, and no one ever complained that I was too slow. I actually found myself waiting for the group for up to five minutes sometime.

Ride reports from yesterday

Initial riding reaction (the good stuff):
HOLY SHIT! This was the best $350+ I ever spent..........hands down. I can now ride over whoops like I was on a REAL dirtbike. Even with .48's, I never bottomed out. Whoops and rutty roads that I had to ride slow over before I was hitting at 50-60mph, and the control was incredible. Sandy washes are way more controllable.

The Bad stuff:
I now have to spend about $900 to upgrade my rear suspension. I think Ohlin's. I'll get another 1" of height/ground clearance and 1.5" of sag.

Just a quick quote from a guy on a 2008 KLX 250:

Originally Posted by punkenduro
then god damn rob (notmybikemodelname) almost killed me and probally a few othere riders too. after following this guy for a good hour or so, i could totally tell this guy was a damn good rider, so im fallow him doing 70 down a power line road (this thing was going for miles along the 395 and we're making god time at this speed) and he starts to pull away so i fall his tracks....
This is how I started my day, with abeer of course at 0640.

This happened due to speed being much faster than before, but my rear suspension not liking it. Bottomed out on a jump and sucked my backpack, which was strapped down to my seat, into my rear tire, spitting beers out at the guy behind me.

Some of the beautiful Mojave desert we were riding in.

A map of where we rode

TO everyone who's thinking about doing this. YES!
It will make you love your Dakar all over again. Kind of like getting your wife a tit job....then you'll need the butt lift
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