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now in a cage...
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dave, glad to hear you on a little better now you got something for the pain. definally see the ortho, i should have when i broke my finger in a mosh pit and now i can only use 70% of its full movement.

rob, ill keep them coming, but ill never be as loved as joel.

dirtyduane, sorry to hear about the klx, let me know what acctually happened in the motor when you find out.

now, part 2

we assesed dave, and he said he would ride out, guy is hardcore. we took a tube and made a figure 8 around his sholders and around back, then twisted it to keep the broke bone from moving farther while riding. the group while all this is going on.

we continue on, but not a whole lot father. i was riding behind ben (i knew a noob riding up front was asking for trouble, so i was riding behind ben), all of the sudden, his front end washes, he tumbles over the bars. at first it didnt look to bad, but when i shut the bike of i can her him in pain, not good. i ask him what herts, he says he thinks he broke his coller bone.

he jumps on the bike, and rides out only using hes right hand, lucky the dry lake was near by so it helped once we got out of the whoops. hope your ok dude.

here we discused the ride to a very late lunch.

dude your not out of the picture

the ride from here to lunch rocked. funs trails and even at one point a 2 foot or so drop off. to bad at this point, the whitehouse is closed. more parking lots need to look like this.

lucky the general store was open so grub was to be had there. milkshakes where bomb (ya, im not 21 yet). once we are readly to leave, its getting close to 6. we decide to slab it back so we dont ride in the dark. i also find my throttle cables have started sticking, cool.

we ride to kramer and get gas. while there 2 guys where almost fighting, but no one hit anyone, but lots of skiding was done by one guys dodge. rob lays out the plan of attack for everyone and we split our directions once at the 15. once i hit about rancho or ontario i was about to fall alseep at the bars so i get off the free way and make the first left i can go i park close to the freeway. the security guard was way cool about it too.

after doing about 100 laps walking around this artist version of earth on the phone, i take my remaining slab trip, singing the whole way to keep my self up. what a day, im just glad i survived.
the bike, the ride reports, and what ive riden this week:ymca, da cage?
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