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Tag #1

OK Guys here we go!

Roads are rated by this scale:

With a little google, and a little delorme, or garmin, you should be able to solve the riddle. ENJOY!

In a town where wood is gold, there lives a fella of yellow. Not a condition of his courage, nor the color of his skin, it represents an image he projects from within. He Ranes as a large provider, with wood and a diner.
Catching this tag you may discover the Hugger’s Legend and grab yourself a filling none finer. Located in what was once the largest county in Alabama over 100 years ago is ironically now one of the smallest counties in Alabama. This sleepy little Alabama town has lots of heritage.

From the photos you’ll notice there’s something to be seen, catch the tag first, then hit the diner for a bonus. Tag is just at the edge of town and diner more centrally located. They serve weekly lunch in a 50’s style soda fountain, and by night excellent dining. Hope you have fun with this starter tag.

Tag #1

Tag Looking Left

Tag Looking Right

Winter Warrior

Local Temp On Sunday

Down Town Street View

Diner Window View

Shop Windows on Diner Street

Good Luck Everyone!
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