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Originally Posted by awm
So,i guess i'm pick'n a 89 up later this week! Fellow inmate[Crankshaft] hooked a brother up.
I'm just look'n to put a good 95% dirt bike together.I mean i've been beat'n the shit out of the DR650 try'n to fit it in the woods where 350+lb bikes shouldn't go,so the XR250R will be set up to fit the bill.
I'm look'n to put something,madmax of the big woods look'n thing together,or something.
So its time to get the XR250R thread kick'n,i'll try to make sure it stays on the first page.
Nice. Pictures, we all want to see them when you get your new bike. You wanna know something lame? I haven't even ridden my '03 in the dirt yet been busy with school and driving all over the place looking for a dirtbike for my SO. But today paid off, she got a nice '06 DR-z125. Gonna get it plated tomorrow. Now I have a awesome riding partner.
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