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i certainly agree that group of different levels riding together, someone will be bound to get hurt.

agree, the group should be split into skill levels ONLY when we have an unusually large turnout, just like yesterday and some of the previous rides we had.

let's not forget though, our group was founded based on camaraderie and with relaxed attitude. i prefer to continue to promote such atmosphere. most importantly, we don't want to exclude nOObs or less experienced riders from our future rides or similar other actions with selfish motive. i hate to see our rides get ran by motocross junkies (sort of).

at the same time, i would like to see the better riders to have a good time too and work on their skills.

there should be a solution to this. i like sito and trailtrick's idea. if a ride is going to be a tough one...let it be then and announce it in advance. if you're in doubt if you could fit in, pm the ride leader and get his response. meanwhile, ride leader should know all the riders enough to exclude the ones who would be challenged.

if you're new to the group come to the regular local rides. there you get to know the other members of the community; then you get to know where you are in the food chain...

finally, if we decide to ride as a group of different skill levels...everyone should adjust and be flexible. don't do anything that could jeopardized the safety of the other riders. advanced riders should find this an opportunity to help the less skilled riders, while the lesser riders shall see this as one of those few moments to learn and be greatful.

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