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Originally Posted by bouncing billy
think about what happened ,traction, no dust ,some pent up aggression,easy to get sucked into to fast to close,just a rare case of haulingassaytous lets not start dictating our rides or how we ride cuz a couple of accidents.As all the racers in the group dr ,tt ,yzlvr,johngill they will say the same,perfect conditions make us all ride faster and harder just know that for the next time.harder and faster =sprained or busted bones if you go down
Billy i agree with you ,and i want to add few things :n1 noobs have to no wath type o ride is and wath type o riders go in the ride ,i personal don't care because i can keep up most o the times ,but went ride with noobs i try the make it easy with some technical stuff trow in so they get better ,desert is a very unfamiliar terrain for manny here ,death valley is not the common desert the we ride with open mine shafts,ditchs,rain ruts,rocks ,sandwashes with rocks .N2 most o the noobs bikes are not set up for desert o sand for that matter =crashes N3 most noobs want to ride but i recomend theme the ask ?? to the more experience riders abouth bike set up,ridding position,and anny other ??they have .And the most important get a small bike like a crf 230o xr 250 o 200 and ride it to you get in control 100% o the time and theme switch to a bigger more powerfull bike,even with that crashes sappen .Went i got my 950 i rode it like a mad man and after few months i decide the get ready o her before she get ready o me ,and got a 690,much better bike for wath i do and how i ride .
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