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Originally Posted by h8chains
as previously mentioned, we had 5 guys hurt in the less than 2 months.

our rides started small with loose rules and that was ok; but now that that the group is getting bigger every ride...i propose that we all adhere to some rules. let us hear from everyone your suggestions.

i'll start it.

1. plan your ride, ride your plan (and have an alternate plan)
3. ride within your own skill level..max out to 75% of your capability.
4. take it easy at the end of the ride..after 3 pm when more accidents happen.
You said it Joel! I've been following the aforementioned advice after tweaking my ankle (i got off easy compared to others, i know). But i think that if you want this kind of approach to riding to become part of the ADV mindset, then your suggestions should get the same "air-time" as the beer stops. And that means keeping these thoughts on the threads for the rides, rather than isolated on a separate thread. I have nothing against guys riding fast and having a cool barely pop, as long as they are within their comfort zone and skill level. But at the same time you really should keep the "ride safe" and "take it easy and enjoy the scenery" mantras along with all of the beer drinking and trail shredding bravado that goes with the territory . . .
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